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Cubefield  can be a great video game for you if you love the straightforward yet highly difficult game. Simply because the gameplay makes it to where it is easy to become addicted. Cufefield 2 is the latest game created by Max Abernethy of known for their addicting games. Among the participants who have tried this game, they’ve all become highly addicted with not being able to stop gameplay for long time periods even though the objectis only to dodge obstacles.
You play as a grey arrow in the game which gives off the sense that you are flying an airplane by the way it turns. The controls are your left and right arrow keys. In the start of the game, you’ll probably find it simple and easy to control the arrow but as the game progresses, the arrow will be traveling at increasing speeds which makes controlling more difficult. It is especially difficult and challenging to avoid cubes which are in colors of yellow, orange and red. After each round of avoiding the cubes, the pace begins to build up along with an increased amount of cubes to try and dodge making this version of Cubefield more challenging than every before. One of the most interesting aspects of Cubefield 2 is the action does not stop until you crash into a cube unless you hit the pause button, there are no breaks. Another interesting aspect of this game are the lack of levels in other words this is a game without levels. Although, game play gives off the feeling that you are progressing onto the next level by changing the outlook of the game by changing how the cubes look and the background. At different points, the background will become black while the cubes and your arrow turn green. This in fact isn’t a different level it’s just an added piece of what makes the game difficult.

Cubefield Unblocked Tips

I believe the main factor of what makes this game so addictive is that it’s simple to control. Not only does the game revolve around just handling the left and right arrow keys but it also doesn’t require any click of the mouse whatsoever. If you want to play a new game once the starting page has loaded, you can do so just by pressing the space bar.
One thing for me that makes the addiction so extreme while making it fun is the competitive side of it. Competing against yourself and friends and family members tends to create that adrenaline rush once you have passed their score or your own high score. The excitement and fun with trying to compete to outdo each other’s score can bring out the addiction significantly. Which causes you to play it for hours on end.

Cubefield Hacked Gameplay

I’d say a strategy for this game Run 3 Unblocked is to pay attention to the cubes closest to you instead of the ones down the road so-to-speak. That may seem like common sense to you but it can be the deciding factor for whether you’re going to have to constantly restart the game or if it just continues consistently. The competition believe it or not is also good for strategy, having to compete with one another makes you strive to last longer in the game and focus on avoiding the cubes more.